CAJUN MEATBALL STEW Recipe - I used 1/2 cup bread, and sautéd the onions, garlic in meatballs. Made roux then cooked Trinity in the roux, then water, cooked meatballs in gravy. Just about like mom made!

This is a very popular recipe in the Cajun part of South Louisiana, which is frequently referred to as "Acadiana." If there's one thing we folks in Acadiana love, it's our rice and gravy! I have often said that when I die, if wherever I end up doesn't have rice and gravy, I'll know I didn't make it to Heaven. Cajun Meatball Stew starts off with your typical dark brown roux. Some people prefer to buy it in stores, ready made. I've never understood why, because it's not that difficult to make from scratch. The main thing you must do is stir, constantly, over a medium high heat, never leaving the stove until it's almost the color of chocolate syrup. If you burn it, throw it out and start over, because it will give your gravy a very bitter taste. When I have the time, I prefer to make this the day ahead, separate the meatballs from the gravy, and refrigerate. Not only does this cause the fat from the meat to rise to the top and harden for easy removal, but, enhances the flavor.