An Introduction to Electric Pottery Kilns - Ceramic Arts Network

Richard Zakin discusses what to look for when buying an electric pottery kiln, as well as explains the different types of electric pottery kilns.


Dick Lehman Pottery, a gallery of wood fired, saggar fired, and side fired ceramics and clay in Goshen, Indiana


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Adam Chau spent a lot of time in his parents' bakery growing up, and learned techniques for making efficient multiples. With the similarities between baking and handbuilding, it is no surprise that ... (Scroll down for more!)


What is Sgraffito | Pottery Technique and Tools


Use Shellac Resist to Create Beautiful Pottery Surfaces!

Learn to use a shellac resist technique to make beautiful pottery surfaces. Jim Gottuso shares his simple shellac resist pottery process!


Great Idea for Teachers: A Simple Lesson Plan for Slab-Built Plates with Textured and Stenciled Decoration - Ceramic Arts Network

This project presents a direct and fresh approach to making slab-built plates, become great canvases for surface decoration.


Quick Tips: 2 Handbuilt Handle Techniques - Ceramic Arts Network

Making handbuilt handles has never been easier with these two tips utilizing a cardboard tube and a pool noodle!


When throwing pottery at the wheel, a lot can go wrong. There are a few key problems though that can happen, and here, we’ll talk about the 5 ways to ruin your pottery at the wheel. The pottery wheel is a great resource since it does allow you to create and craft some wonderful items. But, did you know that it’s super easy to ruin your pottery right at the wheel? #pottery #claypot #tutorials


Relief Carving Techniques for Expressive Functional Pottery - Ceramic Arts Network

Get relief carving techniques for functional pottery. Julie Woodrow shares tips and relief carving techniques.


Carving gorgeous patterns is fun and easy with our diy pottery tutorials. Follow ClayShare for more pottery projects, tutorials, tips and techniques.


loving katrin moye’s beautiful ceramics

In my many years of scoping out flea markets, craft fairs, juried art exhibitions and gift shops, I’ve encountered a lot of ho-hum pottery and ceramics. You’ve probably seen them too …


Pottery Projects & Tutorials

Interested in pottery? Get project ideas and tutorials for your next pottery venture.


Cer #slabpottery Cer


Making Pottery Handles that Suit Handbuilt Pots - Ceramic Arts Network

In today’s post, Marion Angelica shares a couple of her fun techniques for making pottery handles.


How to throw a basic pot. Excellent clear instruction sheet on this page. A real help if, like me, you are a beginner! :)


Handcrafted: Pine Needle + Clay Vases - Front + Main : Front + Main


What is Sgraffito | Pottery Technique and Tools


How to Make a Large Daffodil out of Clay - Cazamic

This technique would work with any clay after a bit of practice. The clay I have used here is one of my favourites for modelling with, its Earthstone Special 160 from Valentine Clays. Fired to 1060c (Cone 04). What…


Ceramic Coil Pots

Coil Pottery 101. Hand rolled coils and coil technique practice makes perfect functional pots for beginners-advanced students!



How to Turn A Wheel-Thrown Pot Into A Lighter-Than-Air Sculpture | JENNIFER McCURDY

(128) How to Turn A Wheel-Thrown Pot Into A Lighter-Than-Air Sculpture | JENNIFER McCURDY - YouTube


#potteryglazes #potteryglazes #potteryglazes


What is Sgraffito | Pottery Technique and Tools


Locking lid. this would work for the top of a pottery birdhouse too!


K Boyland Designs, botanical impressions in clay #handmade #pottery #design #inspiration #clay #art #ceramics


Forming Techniques for the Self-Reliant Potter: 4. Plastic clay forming: 4.3. Potter’s wheel


Alternative Kilns and Firing

Alternative Kilns and Firing


Ceramics Printable Worksheet: Slumped Clay Slabs for Visual Art Classes

This printable worksheet shows the handbuilding technique using clay slabs. It includes written instructions and visuals to show each step and four slab slumping techniques. #slab #handbuilding #clay #ceramics #slumpingslabs


One piece cake stand on the wheel

Throwing on the pottery wheel an upside down cake stand in one go. #ceramics #pottery #artsandcrafts #potterywheel #handmade


Nautilus Bowl

Making a Nautilus Fruit Bowl with black slip